Piki Te Ora Tracey Hīroa

Pou Whakahaere

Ko Aorangi Te Maunga

Ko Moawhango Rahi Te Awa

Ko Ngāti Whitikaupeka Te Iwi

Ko Mōkai Pātea Te Rohe Pōtae

Ko Moawhango Te Marae

Ko Whitikaupeka Te Wharetupuna

Ko Terina Te Wharekai

Ko Ihakara Te Tangata

Diploma in:

Frontline Management – Level 5

Māori & Administration

Māori Studies

Poupou Karanga

Certificate in:

Social Services with Abuse, Neglect and Violence (Level 4)

Social Service Work in Suicide Intervention (Level 6)

Achievement in Introducing Health Promotion

I have been lucky enough to have been brought up having a strong connection to my marae, hapū and Iwi and continue to be an active member of those groups on several levels. I have many years of experience working in the Health/Social Service sector as a Kaimahi, Administrator, Health Promoter, and Manager. My ideals and personal philosophy are centred on reciprocity, strong work ethics, and honesty which I always try to uphold. I am a person that likes to find solutions to problems, learn from my mistakes, and be open to opportunities that will help our people.

I am the mother of an amazing son, and a nanny to a handsome moko boy who are my greatest achievements in life, followed by the relationships I maintain and continue to nurture with my whānau and people around me that support and stand beside me regardless of the situation. I look forward to possibly meeting you in the future be it in a professional capacity or maybe just to say hello!

“Kaupeka ki runga, kaupeka ki raro

Kui kui whiti whiti ora”